Listen Live

Please note: our server has been listen via our app please follow these instructions: open the listen2myradio app and go to your favourites and tap on ‘gosport hr’. if the station works you dont need to do anything, if it is buffering you need to untick the gold star next to the station name and then go back to the main menu by tapping the backwards facing arrow. search for ‘gosporthr’ and tap should now work. to add it as a favourite again just tick the star next to the station name. Apologies for the inconvenience – Gosport Hospital Radio.

Click HERE to tune in live via your phone or computer browser . Use Microsoft Edge if listening on windows 10.

To listen via the App search for “Listen2myradio” on the android or apple stores, install it and search for “Gosporthr”

Alternatively click the links below for android or apple store to get the app.