Donated Shows

These shows feature on GHR; but are externally produced and have been donated to us.

Worldmix with Rupert Palmer

“A two hour musical journey around the globe…”
This show is produced and presented by Rupert Palmer.
Broadcast every Monday from 6pm until 8pm.
As this show is not produced by us; we can’t upload this to our Shows page. This show is being updated on either a weekly or fortnightly basis at present.

The Best of British Classical Music

Join Peter Grogan for an one hour of the best in Classical music.
Broadcasted every Sunday evening, from 8pm until 9pm.
This show is a series of shows donated by Peter Grogan; although these shows could be made available, we don’t have permission to upload these to our Shows page

SportsTalk (TBC)

We are planning to start this show in the new year…
This show was offered to us during lockdown… but we have been unable to schedule this show due to access issues.

Movie Madness with Nick Prince (Off air at present)

This show is a two hour mix of news, feature releases and soundtracks from both stage and screen. Produced and presented by Nick Prince; as such this show is not available on our Shows page.
This show was offered to us pre-lockdown… and as we have not received any recent shows; we are currently uncertain of when this show will be returning…