Output Status

This page was last updated: 28/May/2022 04:34.
Current Status: Operational, but with some issues.

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Known Issues

Website Stream (Output)
[Reported: 27/05/2022]
We have recently become aware of an issue; in that our website stream appears to run an advert, instead of our stream.
[Updated: 28/05/2022]
This is being monitored and investigated.

Glam & Glitz (Programming)
We are sorry for the continued disruption being experienced during this show.
[Updated: 28/05/2022]
Further music catagorising will be done during June; this is in an effort to further limit this issue, but this is not a quick fix

Resolved Issues

Unplanned outage (19/May)
We discovered that a hardware issue was responible for our recent outage; this item has since been rebooted

Planned maintenance…
We have now finished our maintenance and apologise for any disruption caused.