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This page was last updated: 17/Jan/2022 15:00.

Have you heard silence from our stream? Or did we drop a clanger during a show?
Please feel free to let us know via our report form below and our team will get straight on to fixing any issues identified…

No Known Issues

All of our previous gremlins have now been swoped by our technical team…

No issues reported…

Resolved Issues

We have resolved these items;
thanks to our engineers.

Output issues within the WM…
We have reconnected Channels 1 & 2 within the hospital… we are very sorry to have been away for so long, but this wasn’t a quick fix.

Off air incident: Sat 20/Nov 11:48
(Playout computer has been restarted)

The receiver within the WM has a fault
(The receiver has been repaired).

Web Stream Server was erroring
(Our server has been reconfigured).

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