Join us / Volunteer

Fancy Joining Gosport Hospital Radio..?

Do you have some spare time that we could put to good use?
There are many aspects to running a successful hospital radio station; which is why we are seeking dedicated volunteers to assist in the following areas: Presenting, fundraising, office work, request collecting, and outside broadcast technician.

Why are we looking for volunteers?

We are wholly dependent on charitable gifts to keep us going.
Contributions to our fundraising efforts is an important part of membership and we look forward to engaging you in our various events and outreach engagements.


There are two types of membership available; dependant on whether you wish to go on air or otherwise.

Associate Membership
This is a membership for those of you; who want to get involved, but do not want to present on air. Our associate membership is £15 per calendar year…

Full Membership
Full membership is for every ‘on-air’ volunteer; typically this is for presenters, but may also include other roles. Our full membership is £30 per calendar year.

Please note…

  • Due to insurance requirements; we are unable to offer membership to any persons under the age of 16.
  • The Studio Centre is situated on the first floor at Bury House, Gosport, and there is, currently, no disabled access to that floor.

Want to find out more or make contact?

Whilst we were previously known as Radio Haslar; what we are about still hasn’t changed, so click this button to watch a short video about us (under our former name).

If you feel that you can help and would like further information, please contact our Membership Secretary or Committee by email or by phone…