Gosport Hospital Radio


We are a hospital radio station broadcasting to Gosport’s War Memorial Hospital and to the wider community of Gosport online… 24 hours a day, 365 days a years.
We do so as a registered charity (number 1011450) run solely by unpaid volunteers.
Thanks in part to funding from the Lottery Community Fund and your donations!

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Did you know?

Donations help to keep us running and allow us to provide music and information to… patients, staff and visitors within the War Memorial, as well as the wider community in Gosport and surrounding areas.

Our History

Founded in 1993; as Radio Haslar, we started broadcasting exclusively to Haslar Hospital, later extending broadcasts to also cover the War Memorial Hospital.
In view of Haslar Hospital closing in the year 2009; Radio Haslar moved to Bury House (our present location) and retained the name (Radio Haslar) until 2018.
In 2018; Radio Haslar received a much needed refresh and became (as we are today) Gosport Hospital Radio…

Would you like to join Gosport Hospital Radio?

There are various types of work involved in running a successful hospital radio; not just presenters, but ward visitors, request collectors and engineers too…
If you some time to spare; you would like to be part of our success, then please get in touch, or ‘Find out more’ today.

With huge thanks to both current and former members; for what they do, have done to date…